August 2017

In August 2017, I developed ACTIONS AGAINST BORDERS #1 BREAKING POINT in Athens. In Athens, the practice of walking, interviewing and recoding took place over  3 days and in various parts of the city: Viktoria Square, Archeological Museum, Varvakios Market, Syntagma Square, and Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza Hotel City Plaza.

As the birth place of democracy, Athens symbolises a precious and fragile political and social system. However, since the economic crash of of 2010 and with consequential rise of the far-right, Greece has faced challenges to it's own democratic systems. It's furthermore one of the most forced destinations for those who have left their countries due to war, persecution and a poor quality of life. Sadly- for multiple reasons- many of these people get stuck in Athens and are deprived of the possibility to find their desired better future.

Many of these people are living homeless on the streets of Athens and this project put us directly in contact with one-another. In our meetings, I discovered the functional power of the interview as it became a method to provide concrete support to these people. Our interaction became an expedient to putting people in contact with public and private associations which help those in need.

I had the chance to develop and present the project in a building called SynAthina, which operates as informative and supportive centre for people in need living in the streets of Athens.

Furthermore, I got contact with Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza in which I Interviewed both voluntary workers and residents of the house. City Plaza provides a home to those in need: migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It's also a recreational place for adults, families and many children.

Athens Exhibition

ph Otto Karl Kamal